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PeerStreet team at the IMN Crowfunding Forum in Santa Monica (Left to Right): Brett Crosby, Marc Heenan, Jessica Murray and Jay Hartman

FinTech is on fire! A recent article from the New York Business Journal looked at the rise in conference attendance at marketplace lender events and the stats may surprise you. One of the industry’s most well-attended conferences, LendIt, has seen attendance growth of approximately 612% since it was first held in 2013, according to the article. Orchard Platform also posted on the topic in a company blog post, stating their Marketplace Lending Meetups have grown 101% in the same time period.

There are a ton of industry events to keep track of and the list only continues to grow as marketplace lending pushes into the mainstream. As a relatively new industry, these events provide great opportunities to learn more about what’s going on and meet interesting people.

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