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PeerStreet had a big week last week — our new website went live (and is now fully mobile responsive), we publicly launched out of invite-only, and we spent three days at the Money 20/20 conference where we met with industry leaders from around the globe. It was a huge event and the PeerStreet team showed well in our new green PeerStreet branded t-shirts and trade show booth.

IMG_0079List of Money 20/20 sponsors at the entrance to the conference, featuring PeerStreet.

We kicked off Money 20/20 on Sunday getting settled, putting up the booth and then headed to the opening keynote speakers hosted by legendary venture capitalist, Vinod Khosla.

15 - 1Members of the PeerStreet team preparing for the public launch ribbon-cutting ceremony. Left to Right: Brett Crosby, Brew Johnson, Marc Heenan, Jessica Murray, Sara Priola and Chi-Pei Tseng.

Monday was a big day for PeerStreet because we officially opened the platform to all accredited investors. We celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the booth, complete with champagne and t-shirt giveaways. We were even able to have the entire company partake by streaming the milestone through Skype. And we shared our launch with the world via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. As the day progressed, we met with a variety of financial institutions, investors, data service providers, lenders, VCs and press all interested in hearing more about the PeerStreet model and meeting the team. Then it was time to head off for the second evening of networking events.

15 - 1
Members of the PeerStreet team celebrating public launch at Money 20/20. Left to right: Brett Crosby, Brew Johnson, Jessica Murray, Chi-Pei Tseng, Sara Priola and Marc Heenan.

From then on through the end of the event Wednesday afternoon, we continued spreading the PeerStreet story, attending conference sessions and listening to the occasional keynote speaker. On Tuesday, Co-founder and CEO Brew Johnson spoke on a panel focused on real estate lending where the main topic of conversation centered around innovations that  benefit both consumers and investors.

Founder and CEO Brew Johnson on real estate lending panel at Money 20/20 on October 27.

By the conference’s end on Wednesday, the PeerStreet name had spread, as did the recognition of our bright green PeerStreet t-shirts. Now, we are gearing up for the next round of conferences. Keep an eye out for PeerStreet at the following events:

November 4-5: American Banker Marketplace Lending & Investing (NYC)
November 8-10: AAPL 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition (Las Vegas)

One of the many visitors to the PeerStreet booth.

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