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Alex is one of PeerStreet’s Co-founders and Head of Technology. He has extensive experience as a software engineer, as well as starting and growing companies. Alex’s multidisciplinary background is a huge asset to PeerStreet. His degree in computer science along with his MBA and professional experience allow him to fully understand the nuances on the business side, while also being able to solve complex technical problems that enable PeerStreet to scale and deliver a meaningful platform to investors.

Prior to PeerStreet, he had plenty of startup experience and co-founded two other companies, including one that was accepted to the Y Combinator’s accelerator program. Alex also ran a Rails consultancy and spent more than seven years as a programmer at Activision. While at Activision, he worked on the development of a number of household name video games, including Call of Duty, 007 and Spider-Man 3. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

I asked Alex, what’s the best part about working at PeerStreet? He said: “The company strives to make a lasting positive change on an industry that impacts every person in this country, and yet the industry is very inefficient. Technology is a great equalizer, but it has been greatly underused in real estate finance to date. PeerStreet is working to change that and this is what makes my job and the company so exciting.”

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