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The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review updated its rankings for the top 100+ real estate crowdfunding sites and PeerStreet rose to #1!

This comes on the back of a very exciting couple of weeks at PeerStreet. We announced several product updates that have reduced friction and substantially improved our customer experience. Additionally, we hit major company milestones, including funding more than $75 million (now more than $80 million) investments and exceeding $25 million returned to investors. We’ve also received a lot of great press, including coverage in TechCrunch, CNBC and more.

A Top Player In Real Estate Crowdfunding

The real estate crowdfunding and marketplace lending industries have grown significantly the past several years. As you can see from the rankings, this has led to many new companies in the space and a very competitive landscape. It’s a great accomplishment for us to be recognized as a top player.

One of the key considerations for this ranking, and a primary reason for why we moved up to #1, is PeerStreet’s commitment to transparency. The tools at investors’ disposal to diligence investments and track performance on an ongoing basis were a couple of the differentiators mentioned.

How is PeerStreet Different?

Transparency is at the core of our company’s mission so we are particularly proud to receive this praise. We constantly improve our product, processes and how we run the overall business to ensure we’re aligned with that goal.

Other highlights in the review included our track record, investment volume and the fact that our investment minimums are the lowest of any platform in the top 10. We recommend reading through the ranking list and the more in-depth PeerStreet review for additional details.

We’re humbled by this honor, especially after being named Innovator of the Year in Lending, and thank all of our advocates for their continued support.

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