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At PeerStreet, we enjoy hearing feedback from you, our customers, on ways to improve our business. Over the last year, we’ve received frequent requests to make it possible to view PeerStreet positions within the context of your overall investment portfolios. This way, you can see your investments in context and make smarter, more informed decisions about where to make your next investment. We’ve heard your request and are excited about some new integrations with both Wealthfront and Betterment.

If you have an account with Betterment and/or Wealthfront, you can now integrate your PeerStreet investment data to conveniently view all your investments in one place. We announced our integration with Wealthfront today, and with Betterment earlier this month. See below how you can set-up your Betterment and Wealthfront accounts to integrate with PeerStreet.

For Betterment, follow these steps. First go to the search bar:



Then, search for a firm to sync:


Enter your PeerStreet account details.


Your PeerStreet account should start syncing.


Now, your account is fully integrated and your settings view will look like this:



Click into the PeerStreet account to see details on each of your positions.


For Wealthfront, follow similar steps to integrate. Start with opening the search tool.

1 (1) copy

Next, search for PeerStreet.

2 (1) copy

Then, add your PeerStreet login details.

3 (1) copy

You will now see your PeerStreet information.

5 (1) copy

Wealthfront will confirm adding your PeerStreet account.

6 (1) copy

In your account view, you will see your PeerStreet information at the bottom of the dashboard.



Los Angeles Venture Association Awards 

In addition to these two exciting new integrations, we recently received recognition at the Los Angeles Venture Association awards ceremony for Best Venture Funding in Marketplace. Our COO and Co-founder, Brett Crosby, accepted the award on behalf of the entire PeerStreet team at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. PeerStreet was up against companies in LA that have raised some of the top rounds of venture capital in funding. We were very honored to receive this distinction for our most recent raise led by Andreessen Horowitz.


If you use another financial service and would like us to consider arranging a similar integration, please reach out to us at

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