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When we talk about the importance of culture at PeerStreet, we believe there are leaders and organizations in various disciplines from whom we can learn valuable lessons. That’s why we asked Chef David LeFevre (Chef Dave) of Manhattan Beach culinary fame to inspire our team with his deep wisdom and experience. He did so in a recent tech talk on forming unique and admirable culture in and across each of his restaurants. If you’ve ever eaten at Fishing With Dynamite, Manhattan Beach Post (aka MB Post) or The Arthur J, you’ve experienced the handcrafted food, impeccable friendly service, and curated atmosphere at each of his restaurants. If you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to go next time you’re in town.

After a career of working in kitchens in some of the top restaurants around the world, including Charlie Trotter’s, El Bulli, Fat Duck and Tetsuya’s, he opened MB Post in 2011. It quickly became an LA favorite and a huge success. He then opened Fishing with Dynamite and later, the steakhouse, The Arthur J.

Photo: Chef Dave laying out some cultural tips about how to consistently do it right.

The Business of Brand and Culture in Restaurants

Chef Dave is passionate about the craft of making excellent food. But he also deeply cares about creating a unique and thoughtful brand for each of his restaurants. By welcoming his customers into a curated experience with hand-selected music, one-of-a-kind decor, top-quality customer service, Chef Dave wants you to feel something very specific. That’s why his restaurants are some of the best in town. Not a single detail goes unattended.

Beyond brand, Chef Dave imbues his restaurants with a culture where respect, integrity and honesty reign. These three values motivate everything from the decisions he makes about a menu item, to how he treats employees. By modeling this culture from the top down, he lives what he preaches. But he’s the first to admit he doesn’t always live up to his own standards. When he fails, he admits it and reminds himself and his team about what they believe and that they can hold him to those standards and vice versa. The results are evident in his staff and to every customer that walks through the door.

Why Culture Is Important at PeerStreet

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we highly value company culture and we make a point to talk about it frequently. Why do we keep talking about culture? Because it’s especially important to establish and nurture while we grow. Of course, talking about culture isn’t enough. It needs to be nurtured and developed every step of the way. I’ve been the Marketing Manager at PeerStreet for just about three months and I’ve experienced firsthand how the quality of our culture coupled with our mission is what distinguishes PeerStreet from a job, to a place that you are truly proud to be a part of.

That’s why we keep bringing in people like Chef Dave that inspire our team to remind us to keep our standards high: from how we treat each other, to respecting our investors and in every interview whether we end up hiring the person or not. We have deep admiration for Chef Dave and his mission to pursue respect, integrity and humility in all ways, and to make amends when those tenants may be temporarily violated. He’s an inspiration to us all and his presentation was phenomenal.

Know Someone Else with Awesome Culture?

If you know a leader in any industry who has a mind for company culture like PeerStreet, let us know about them. We always want to be challenged to keep improving our culture everyday, for our employees, our investors, and anyone who comes into contact with PeerStreet. Contact us at

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