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At PeerStreet, we have a hard working team and each person deserves recognition for his or her efforts to make the company the best it can be. Every now and then, there’s an opportunity to highlight specific people for their accomplishments. This month,  we are proud to have Jessica Murray, our VP of Strategy, named as one of Housing Wire’s prestigious Rising Stars of 2017.

Those who have been with, or followed, PeerStreet for some time may know Jessica, as she originally functioned as the company’s Head of Communications. Jessica was critical to helping form the PeerStreet voice early on. Today, she focuses on strategic initiatives, hiring and capital markets, which was a natural progression because before PeerStreet, she worked at J.P. Morgan as a commercial mortgage-backed securities trader.

Reflecting PeerStreet Culture

Whenever one of our employees succeeds, it’s also a triumph for PeerStreet and something we celebrate. Developing and supporting our team is key to our company culture and values. As she also helped build out our recruiting efforts, Jessica takes special care of our new employees at PeerStreet, often seeking them out to individually check-in and watch their careers develop.

On a personal note, she oversaw the hiring process when I was interviewing and was influential in my desire to work at PeerStreet. No matter where I was in the process, she was notably professional, personable and most importantly, respectful.

I’m a believer that how you are treated in the workplace reflects your attitude about your job. This kind of quality has been valued from the top down at PeerStreet. Jessica is an example of this, along with her consistent quality work to lift both the organization and individuals within it. Congratulations, Jessica. 

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