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I’ve written a bit about lessons I’ve learned from my past either starting, building and selling Urchin (later to become Google Analytics) and also my 10 years of experience at Google. Many of these valuable lessons apply to the work we are doing at PeerStreet and also reflect macro trends in the Fintech industry.

One of the larger trends I’ve noticed is the diaspora of smart people taking what they’ve learned in the technology industry and applying it to old school spaces. You’re starting to see it everywhere from education to healthcare to the area where we focus, real estate finance. A couple of widely respected colleagues of mine at Google who also took this path are Dave Girouard, founder of Upstart, and Douglas Merrill, founder of ZestFinance.

I recently wrote about this phenomenon and some of the key lessons I learned and am actively applying at PeerStreet in a piece for I’d love to hear what you think of the article.

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