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The end of this year has been packed with some excellent coverage for PeerStreet that we are pretty excited about. We wanted to recap some of the big highlights for our investors.

Forbes recently published an article about PeerStreet about how we are changing the real estate investing industry. Read the full article: “This $700 Billion Industry Has Been Untouched By Tech, Until PeerStreet Changed Everything.”

Motley Fool, a popular investing and finance blog, wrote about our Self-Directed IRA investing program and how accredited investors can take advantage of this opportunity to buy real estate debt.

Crowdfund Insider picked up on our news about how we’ve launched new analytics tools for our lenders and how these tools help our lenders originate quality loans.

Brew Johnson made an appearance on a show that focuses on notable tech startups in Los Angeles. A quote from Brew opens the episode about changing the lending system and his full interview starts at about 20:07 until the end of the show.

Finally, Alex Rampell, our board member from Andreessen Horowitz, was interviewed by The Twenty Minute VC on Innovation and PeerStreet’s burgeoning business model.

It’s been a year filled with positive coverage as we’ve continued building our company and we’re happy to see it culminate in more growth for our business.


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