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PeerStreet was recently covered by CNN in their Money Moves column with a piece that posed the question on a lot of investors’ minds: How can people invest in real estate without buying a home? Co-Founder and COO, Brett Crosby, describes how PeerStreet’s platform allows investors access to short-term investments in bridge loans in a way never before possible.

The story of how this new PeerStreet marketplace came to be has proven to be as interesting to media outlets as the marketplace itself. Brett recently sat down for a one-on-one interview with John Siracusa, host of the biweekly Bank On It podcast, to discuss his journey—from co-founding Google Analytics to co-founding PeerStreet, and how the aftermath of the 2008 crash inspired the company’s creation.

You can hear more about PeerStreet’s pioneering place in FinTech throughout the second season of BrightTALK’s webinar series “Focus on Fintech”—particularly in the just-released third episode, “What makes a successful FinTech?”—where Brett discusses the origins of PeerStreet and how we’re setting out to transform this $10 trillion-with-a-T industry.

We’re happy to talk about ourselves—but we’re even more excited when we see that others are talking about us all on their own, like Forbes did in its article “The 3 trends to watch in FinTech, according to top VCs.”

We’re getting recognized outside of FinTech, too. Comparably ranked PeerStreet in the top 25 small/mid-sized companies in the country for company happiness. The best part? This award is generated entirely by employee ratings. It’s imperative to us that as we build this transformative marketplace, our employees are happy and successful as they do it.

This comes at the heels of several other 2018 Comparably awards, including Best Company Leadership, Best CEOs for Women, Best Company Managers, Best CEOs for Diversity, Best Companies for Compensation, and being a top 25 company to work for in Los Angeles.


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