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We’re thrilled to announce two key upgrades to our Automated Investing product that will help you bring more diversification to your portfolio—with a few simple clicks.

We’ve lowered the minimum investment to just $100 for “small balance reinvestments” when using Automated Investing. This update also expands the investment types available for Automated Investing to include Cash Offer Loans and 30-Day Notes, which have shorter terms than typical bridge loan investment options.

New Industry-Leading Minimum Investment: $100

To help prevent idle cash from simply sitting in your account, you’re now able to automatically reinvest as little as $100 in new loan opportunities on the platform (the minimum was previously $1,000). This better enables you to quickly turn interest payments into active investments.

Expanded Investment Types

Investors can also now select Cash Offer Loans and 30-Day Notes as part of their personal criteria as well, making all of PeerStreet’s current retail investment types available for Automated Investing.

New to Automated Investing?

Automated Investing lets you reserve your spot in investments that meet your specific criteria with just a few clicks. You’ll be notified of each investment reservation, and have 24 hours to cancel for any reason. Please note that yield bumps are excluded from Automated Investing.

Our goal at PeerStreet has always been to level the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street. We’re here to help more people get access to the investments they want. These Automated Investing changes are just one of the ways we’re helping you create a personalized, diversified portfolio.  

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