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We are happy to announce that investors who use Mint to manage their investment portfolios and performance can now view their PeerStreet positions on Mint’s platform. This has been requested by many of our investors for some time. Mint wanted to hear the demand directly from our customers, and thanks to you, they prioritized the integration with PeerStreet. 

This integration with Mint is one of our most requested third-party integrations and follows similar PeerStreet integrations with other personal finance platforms, including Wealthfront, Betterment, and Personal Capital. These integrations provide additional insight and transparency to help customers understand their PeerStreet investments in the context of their overall portfolio and guide future strategic investment plans. Access to investments in real estate debt has improved over the years, so this is a natural integration for PeerStreet, Mint, and our common customers.

To add your PeerStreet account to Mint:

  1. Click “Add Account” at the top of the Mint navigation bar and search for PeerStreet
  2. Enter your PeerStreet login credentials when prompted
  3. Check your PeerStreet performance listed under the “Investments” section of your Mint dashboard

This is another exciting step forward in the growth and popularization of the PeerStreet marketplace. We announced earlier this year some key changes to the platform, namely reducing the reinvestment minimum and adding new options to Automated Investing. Both of those updates were supported by feedback from our customers and we are always glad to hear requests from our investors via

We hope you enjoy this new integration and thank you for helping make this possible.

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