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Is it time to update the definition of an accredited investor? We think so. Our goal is to make real estate debt investing available to as many people as possible. Read our CEO’s Forbes article where Brew Johnson offers ideas on why and how to democratize investing.

As Brew notes in the article, “My argument is still this: Wealth does not equal investor sophistication, and wealth should certainly not equal more opportunity. Today’s laws do not appropriately address either issue.”

“By being able to easily access data and information that in previous decades was generally only accessible to the most sophisticated (and wealthy) investors, today’s average investor is excluded from many more products that are made easy to understand and to invest in through technology, with a similar (if not greater) level of safety as opportunities non-accredited individuals can invest in.”We think the topic deserves more conversation and we’re glad to see Crowdfund Insider and others pick up on this thread. Surely, there will be much more debate on this topic and we hope to further fulfill our mission of democratizing real estate debt investments and truly level the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street.

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