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Today PeerStreet was able to inform our nationwide network of private lenders that we will resume buying residential bridge loans again. We believe this is an important step toward reinvigorating the real estate lending markets that recently froze up due to economic volatility and uncertainty created by COVID-19. Infusing capital in these markets is a crucial step in restarting our economy and helping lenders, borrowers, real estate entrepreneurs and their supporting businesses get back to work throughout the country. 

In late March, PeerStreet was one of the first in the industry to pause loan buying. This decision was made in response to COVID-19 issues, such as the closure of county recording offices, health hazards to notaries and local appraisers, and a freeze in the credit markets.

We also made this difficult decision to temporarily pause loan buying until we could better protect PeerStreet’s investors and other market participants, and assess new market supply and demand dynamics. Our goal was to take a step back, review the situation, and restart as soon as possible – which is exactly what happened today. We’re very excited to begin purchasing loans again, not just for PeerStreet as a company but for our entire ecosystem.

We’ve spent the past several weeks speaking with lenders, investors, borrowers and our own family of employees, and we will continue to do so to further understand the evolving situation and how PeerStreet can do our part. Our marketplace participants remain our priority, and we’ll be focused on ensuring that our platform continues to facilitate the flow of capital in real estate. 

Thank you for your continued support.

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