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MANHATTAN BEACH, CA – 29 MARCH 2017 – PeerStreet, an award-winning platform for investing in real estate backed loans, has announced an integration with Wealthfront, the most trusted automated investment service among young people with nearly $6 billion assets under management. This integration was made possible by the rollout of Wealthfront’s new financial planning experience, Path, which allows Wealthfront clients to receive financial advice and planning for all of their accounts.

As customers’ financial lives become increasingly complex, having all investments across platforms in one place provides consumers with more comprehensive information. PeerStreet users have sought out integrations with platforms like Wealthfront. Both PeerStreet and Wealthfront were able to quickly respond to their clients’ needs using Quovo, the industry leader in financial account connectivity. Using its account aggregation engine, customers investing on both platforms can view their PeerStreet positions within the context of their greater Wealthfront investment portfolio.

PeerStreet’s goal is to provide investors with tools that exceed customer expectations and enable them to become more informed about investment decisions. Integrating with Wealthfront helps accomplish this goal. This announcement comes on the heels of other similar integrations that were also requested by PeerStreet customers.

“We strive to be responsive to our customers and give them the information they need to make better financial decisions,” said Brett Crosby, co-founder and COO of PeerStreet. “This is part of our larger philosophy of providing more access, transparency and control for our customers. We’re committed to consistently making improvements to our user experience, including integrations beyond the PeerStreet platform.”

Since launching publicly in October 2015, PeerStreet has rapidly increased its investor base and added features to its platform. The company was recently awarded the Top Emerging Real Estate Platform of the Year by LendIt. Additionally, its recent fundraise by Andreessen Horowitz led to PeerStreet receiving the Best Venture Funding in Marketplace award from the LAVA Association.

PeerStreet is an award-winning, Andreessen Horowitz backed, platform focused on democratizing access to real estate debt. The company provides investments in high-yield, short term, real estate backed loans. PeerStreet’s unique marketplace allows investors to diversify their capital in an asset class that has been traditionally difficult to access. Loans are sourced and curated from vetted private lenders throughout the United States who have local real estate expertise and borrower relationships. The model allows for more borrowers to access capital and improve their local communities, one house at a time. PeerStreet’s platform is secure and intuitive with an easy-to-use interface, offering a wealth of information and tools for every level of investor.

The company is led by former real estate attorney Brew Johnson, former Google executive Brett Crosby and former Y Combinator alumnus Alex Perelman. Learn more at and on Twitter @PeerStreet.


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