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We created a PeerStreet deck of cards with a twist. It is a regular deck of cards that can be used for any standard card game, but on the box, we’ve also included instructions for how to use this (or any other) deck of cards as a workout. No weights, gym or trainer needed!

Why did we do this?

Because many people travel for conferences (and vacations) and aren’t able to get their exercise in because they don’t have their gear. This is a workout you can do anywhere: in your hotel room, on the beach, in a park, at home, wherever.

We included a bunch of workout ideas on the box, but there are endless ways to customize the exercises to your taste and fitness level. And if you don’t have our PeerStreet branded box of cards, no problem, you can do this with any deck of cards. Here’s how it works:

Playing card workout:

  1. Select an exercise for each suit.
  2. Pick a card, do the exercise of the suit and the number pulled (e.g. 6 of hearts = six crunches).
  3. Enjoy! Note: Jokers are a short sprint.

Pick one exercise from each:

  • ♥ Core: V-ups, Crunches, Bicycles, Sit-ups, Russian Twists, Superman, Plank Pikes
  • ♠ Legs: Lunges, Air Squats, Hip Raises, Reverse Lunges, Side Lunges, Calf Raises
  • ♣ Cardio: Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Jump Trucks, High Knees, Power Jacks
  • ♦ Arms: Push-ups, Inchworms, Tricep Dips, Wide Push-ups, Shoulder Touch Planks

We’ve offered some suggestions for each suit, but you can pick whatever you want.

For bonus points, send us photos of you and your friends using the cards either for exercise or just playing card games.


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