Our allocation system is designed to help investors get into the type of investments they want through two methods: Automated Investing and manual investing.

A portion of each loan is made available for manual investing, making space available for investors who prefer hand-selecting loans.

Everyone enrolled in Automated Investing will be put in a line. If a loan comes up that matches your criteria, and it’s your turn in the queue, you will get placed into that loan. If “small balance reinvestment” is disabled, you will either be allocated into your specified investment maximum or, if there’s not that much of a loan available, any balance greater than $1,000. If “small balance reinvestment” is enabled, small balances between $100 and $1,000 can be allocated. 

If there are more automated orders than availability in a loan then it is considered “oversubscribed.” Any individuals who receive an allocation to an oversubscribed loan will be placed at the back of the line. If you do not receive an allocation or if the loan is not oversubscribed, you will not lose your spot in line.