Key Definitions:

Account: an accredited investor account on

Invitee: a person who is invited to sign up and qualify for an accredited investor account.

Yield Bump Token: a 1% increase on a single account funded by an accredited investor invitee.  

Program Run Dates: 12/1/17 – Until invite page is no longer live

New Accounts:

  • Invitee must sign up and qualify for an Account using the invite link.
  • Each Account must have a unique SSN or TIN in order to be considered as a separate Account (for example, setting up an IRA account when a person already has an individual taxable investment account would not result in a Yield Bump Token).
  • Invitee must have created an Account through which Invitee makes a deposit on the PeerStreet platform and only one Yield Bump Token will be granted for any single Invitee’s Account.

Yield Bump Tokens:

  • Transfer of Yield Bump Tokens is permitted between accounts of the same user (same SSN) but is otherwise prohibited.
  • The Yield Bump Token will be applied to the first investment made after a Yield Bump Token is awarded to the respective Account of the Invitee and no more than one Yield Bump Token may be used per investment.
  • Fair Use Policy: Yield Bump Tokens are subject to a fair use policy which gives PeerStreet the right to grant or deny the credit and use of Yield Bump Tokens in its sole discretion.

This program (the “Program”) may be modified, suspended or cancelled at any time. The Yield Bump Tokens have no cash value and may not be used to repay other obligations to PeerStreet or anyone else. The Invitee does not have any property rights or other legal interests in the Yield Bump Tokens accrued through the Program, and such Yield Bump Tokens may not be transferred (including any transfer upon death or as part of a domestic relations matter), assigned, bartered, bought, or sold. Yield Bump Tokens are not exchangeable, refundable or redeemable for cash. Yield Bump Tokens accrued through the Program may be redeemed solely on investments made through Accounts under the terms and conditions set forth herein. No other person, including, without limitation, any trustee, administrator, executor or heir, may claim the Yield Bump Tokens on behalf of any Invitee. If an Account is closed for any reason, the corresponding Invitee will no longer be able to accrue Yield Bump Tokens in such Account and all accrued Yield Bump Tokens not claimed and redeemed for that Account will be forfeited. At the time of Yield Bump Token redemption, the corresponding Account must be in good standing. PeerStreet may run promotions from time to time with respect to the Program, the terms of which may differ from the terms stated herein. The Program is void or subject to restrictions based upon applicable law.