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Los Angeles, CA, April 8, 2019 — PeerStreet, a platform for investing in real estate backed loans, today announced that it is updating its Automated Investing product functionality to make it even easier for investors to diversify on PeerStreet. The company has lowered its minimum investment to just $100 for “small balance reinvestments” when using the Automated Investing feature. This update also expands the investment types available for Automated Investing to include Cash Offer Loans and 30-Day Notes, which have shorter-term note rates than the platform’s typical bridge loan investment options.

Automated Investing is a popular feature among PeerStreet’s thousands of individual investors—well over half of all investments are made through Automated Investing. These changes further an important part of the PeerStreet ethos: to help investors diversify and maintain control of their portfolios. To prevent idle cash in PeerStreet accounts, customers can now automatically reinvest as little as $100 in new investment opportunities on the platform (the reinvestment minimum was previously $1,000). This better enables investors to quickly turn interest payments into active investments.

In addition to this lowered reinvestment minimum, investors can now select Cash Offer Loans and 30-Day Notes for Automated Investing as well. Now all current investment types that are available on PeerStreet can be invested in through Automated Investing.

“We’ve answered the call from customers who have been asking for these Automated Investing features, which can help people diversify their portfolios with greater ease than ever before,” said Brett Crosby, co-founder and COO of PeerStreet. “These changes are designed to help more people get access to the investments they want.”

With Automated Investing, investors on the platform can reserve their spots in investments that meet their specific criteria with just a few clicks. PeerStreet gives these investors the ability to review each investment reservation that is made on their behalf, and cancel within 24 hours for any reason. Investors can specify how much they want to invest at any time, both by product category and individual investment opportunities.

This announcement aligns with PeerStreet’s commitment to taking the hassle out of investing in real estate debt and providing better access to this asset class—access that was previously difficult for most investors to achieve. This upgrade comes on the heels of the company’s announcement in March that it had over $2 billion transacted on the platform and $1 billion in assets under management, as well as a recent expansion into Residential for Rent loans.

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